Here is your incentive draw for the 2023 Season!

Pay their entire league fees by

email transfer on or before February 1, 2023.

Each team rep up to 5 will receive the Pure USSSA stamped bat valued at $425.00.



Then, after the 5 bats are spoken for, we will have draws for the following below.

Team reps must submit their team registration form and the initial deposit of $500.00 by April 1 and your final payment by April 8, 2023

then are eligible to enter in the draw for the items below.

1st Place - Team set of Sublimated Uniforms up to 20 pcs. Value priced at $600.00

2nd Place - Team set of Sublimated Uniforms up to 15 pcs. Value priced at $500.00

3rd Place - Molson Canadian or Labatt Beer Fridge. Value priced at $400.00

4th Place - Pure USSSA Canada bat. Value priced at $375.00





when it Rains!

RAIN! if it rains prior to 4pm then a decision will be made to cancel the games and a message will be placed on the website for you and your players.
If it rains after 5pm then all players must go to the diamond and the umpire will make the decision to play or postpone the game so please don't call the league line to find out if your games are cancelled.

Also, Always get a confirmation from the umpire at the diamond if your games are rained out. Please make sure you have the correct umpire for YOUR diamond. Make sure your players show up to the games and don't assume that the game will be rained out. The weather changes pretty quick. We've had a few situations were there was miscommunication. It's up to you to make sure you get the proper information regarding your diamond when rains hits. If the umpire deems the field playable and nobody is there then your games are defaulted. Please confirm your actions with the umpire. Get his umpire number as well.
All games will be made up at the end of the season.

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Approved Equipment

       Roster Submission

       Tourney Roster Submission





Rain Out Policy

Please do not call the league line whatsoever.

When raining all day then thats the easy decision. We then communicate to the teams by placing a message on the first page of the website prior to 4.00pm and also a facebook message will be uploaded right away.

If the rain starts at 5pm and the forcast does not look good or the diamonds then get saturated, a Facebook message will be uploaded immediately to advise teams that the games are cancelled. I would suggest you or someone else on the team have Facebook readily available as a pop up on your phone so you then are notified to advise your players.

Rain after 5pm, sorry but all players must go to the diamond and it's the umpires call.

Facebook is our means of communication. Please have someone other then yourself request to be on the Extreme Team Reps facebook page.






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