7575 Kennedy Rd S, Brampton, ON L6W 4T2

500 Ray Lawson Blvd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5B3

27 Drinkwater Rd Brampton, Ontario L6Y 4T6

Sugarpine Court, Brampton, Ontario L6R 1X6

Brampton, ON L6V 1T4

Vodden Ave between Kennedy Rd and Hwy 10 behind fire stations - 3 Diamonds

Yellow Diamond - McLaughlin Rd. South of Queen St. behind Chris Gibson Arena

Blue Diamond - Access of off Haggert Ave North. End of Street

Malta Ave just north of Ray Lawson Dr. Behind Apartment building and school. - 1 Diamond no lights

Fincham Ave & Major William Sharpe. Take Fincham Ave and behind school on right side. - 1 Diamond no lights

410 & Williams Parkway. - 2 Diamonds

92 Hansen Road

95 Royal Orchard Dr, Brampton, ON L6X 4M4

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