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  • All Coed Divisions will have 7 male/3 female on the field.
  • All Coed Divisions Batting Order will consist of no more then 3 male batters in a row.


2022 Fall Ball Schedules

Please make sure we get your scores right after each game on Saturday.

All balls will be supplied by the umpire on Saturday please give the umpire a 2nd ball each home team.

Time limit in affect until the Semi's and Finals.



Men's Fall Ball Schedule - Completed

Men's Tier 1 Fall Ball Playoff Schedule - Updated Nov 2

Men's Tier 2 Fall Ball Playoff Schedule - Updated Nov 3

Men's Tier 3 Fall Ball Playoff Schedule - Updated Nov 3 @6.00PM 

Coed Fall Ball Schedule - Completed

Coed Tier 1 Fall Ball Playoff Schedule - Updated Nov 3

Coed Tier 2 Fall Ball Playoff Schedule - Updated Nov 3




Reguler Season Schedules 2022

Season Starts May 1, 2022.

Adjustments get made daily so please make sure all of your players check the schedule 1 day before your game night

Sunday Coed 3 Pitch - Completed

Sunday Coed - Completed

Sunday Men's Tier 1 - Completed

Sunday Men's Tier 2 - Completed

Monday Coed DBL Tier 2 Completed

Monday Coed DBL Tier 3 Completed

Monday Coed Single Completed

Tuesday Coed Single Tier 2 Completed

Tuesday Coed Single Tier 3 Completed

Tuesday Mens Tier 2 Completed

Tuesday Mens Tier 3 Completed

Tuesday Mens Tier 4 Completed

Wednesday Mens Tier 1 Completed

Wednesday Mens Tier 2 Completed

Wednesday Mens Tier 3 Completed

Wednesday Mens Tier 4 Completed

Wednesday Coed Tier 1 Completed

Wednesday Coed Tier 2 Completed

Thursday Mens Tier 1 - Completed

Thursday Mens Tier 2 - Completed

Thursday Mens Tier 3 - Completed

Thursday Mens Tier 4 - Completed

Ladies Division - Completed

Friday Mens Tier 2 - Completed

Friday Men's Tier 3 - Completed

Friday Coed - Completed


Information Sheets:

Code of Conduct for Summer Season 2022

Do's & Dont's for Summer Season 2022

* 55 Plus - Free Courtesy when 55 years or older

Inhouse Playing Rules 2022


Rain Out Policy

Please do not call the league line whatsoever.

When raining all day then thats the easy decision. We then communicate to the teams by placing a message on the first page of the website prior to 4.00pm and also a facebook message will be uploaded right away.

If the rain starts at 5pm and the forcast does not look good or the diamonds then get saturated, a Facebook message will be uploaded immediately to advise teams that the games are cancelled. I would suggest you or someone else on the team have Facebook readily available as a pop up on your phone so you then are notified to advise your players.

Rain after 5pm, sorry but all players must go to the diamond and it's the umpires call.

Facebook is our means of communication. Please have someone other then yourself request to be on the Extreme Team Reps facebook page.





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